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Things-to-know is a website that was designed specifically for one purpose. That purpose is to help you live a more fulfilled life. Have you ever imagined how gorgeous your life would be if you just got some amazing life hacks? That would shape your days and quality of life? Well, you’ll learn all about that here.

Living a more fulfilled life entails that you pay adequate attention to your physical, spiritual, mental, and even your financial health. The more relaxed you get in any of the mentioned aspects, the better the quality of life you’ll attain, and the closer you would get to fulfillment.

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Our site is run by Courtney Rowe & Anita Phifer, who happens to be a strong authority when it comes to living a fulfilled and purposeful life. Anita has been married for 33 incredible years and that marriage is one that many look up to for guidance.

Anita C. Phifer & Grandkids

Anita’s marriage is blessed with one child whose marriage has also been blessed with three children. Anita is an enthusiast for good living. She enjoys traveling, playing video games with her grandkids, helping the elderly, cooking (trying out new recipes), and she does her favorite job by working from home.

This is one site you can trust for the most effective health tips. You’ll also get useful traveling ideas, where to travel, and just when would be the right time.

There’s too much to learn and all you have to do is keep on visiting the site or subscribe to the email letters. In time, you would find out how great the quality of your life has improved.

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