New Year’s Resolution

All My Resolutions

It’s that time of year once again. The time when we are starting to notice whether those new year resolution or going to stand or stagger. I’m pretty sure I am already in the stagger stages on a few things.

A few things? Yes.  I usually make more than one resolution. That way, I don’t fail all at once.  It’s kind of like a backup resolution.

My Resolutions

You may be wondering. What was your new year’s resolutions? It was nothing out of the ordinary. I wanted to eat healthier, walk more, spend more time with my adult daughter and stop judging people on the use of the words your, you’re, too and to.

How’s it going?

Eating healthier has been mediocre. I walk three times a week. I have contacted my kid about 5 times and the improper grammar (only for certain words), continues to annoy me. Here’s the truth. I am helping and elderly widow by cooking meals for him.  This means I am eating more than I planned. I eat with him after I cook. I simply try not to eat too much.

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He has a dog that rarely gets to walk as he is unable to walk too far. I usually walk her for about an hour. Walking her has forced me to get out and walk also. My daughter attends college throughout the week.  I find myself texting her more often; letting her know she is loved and wishing her a blessed day.

Half-Done Resolution

Of course, that is a half-done resolution as my intention is to spend more physical time with her. Regarding the use of the words, your, you’re, too and to.  I must realize I am not the grammar police, and no one likes the person who needs to correct others.

I ask myself if it really matters as long as I understand the message being conveyed. The answer is a resounding “NO”.  The grammar resolution is a note to me to remember not to be judgmental. I still notice grammar errors, but I keep my mouth shut and enjoy the conversation.

Ditching the yearly resolution

I do wonder. Why do we create resolutions in the first place. Is it a mental health check on our own well-being? I have decided to never torture myself with yearly resolutions. It will not matter if it’s January 1st or the 12th day of March. Instead, I will take an inventory of my goals throughout the year.

If I determine there is a need for change or improvement, I will work on it and do so with the knowledge that it may be easy, or I may fail a few times. I will decide to keep trying and become my biggest cheerleader.

If I achieve a small percentage of that goal, I will make it a cause to celebrate. If I am not successful that day, I will remember if I get to wake up to a new day, I get to try again. I will continue to keep in mind an anonymous quote I heard.

Nothing beats a failure but a try”. I say goodbye to resolutions and hello to daily affirmations and self-encouragement. Sometimes you must pat yourself on the back and keep moving forward. That is what I resolve to do.