How To Naturally get rid of lice

How To Get Rid Of Head Lice Naturally

Are you tired of scratching the living daylight out of your scalp? Or do you have a tough time relaxing and doing your daily routines at home or the office? Irrespective of the person with the head lice, head lice infestation, can ruin a perfect day.

Unfortunately, lice are so small that they can go unnoticed until it becomes a nuisance to its host. Some of the obvious signs of head lice are nits, constant itching and irritation. If you or your loved ones spend a lot of time outdoors and with other people affected with head lice, there is a high chance that you will contract head lice.

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Head lice are pesky pests that live in human hair. They cannot fly, jump, but they can run at a rate of nine inches per minute! As stated earlier, head lies are passed on by direct head-to-head contact with another person with head lice. You can find them mainly at the back of the head or behind the ears. Besides, they sometimes appear on the eyelashes and eyebrows. However, we have outlined the natural remedies to head lice, so let’s get right on it!

How to get rid of head Infestation:

Hair dryers
Never underestimate the power of hairdryers against head infestations; it is a quick and effective way to get rid of lice. Nonetheless, this method can make it worse when not done correctly; do not blow dry your hair inside the house. Clean hair is important and is a part of healthy living.

This could transfer the fallen lice to other parts of the house. So to prevent this from happening, do it outside the house, especially when you are removing head lice, young toddlers.

Essential oils
There is a good number of essential oils that effective, along with combing in eliminating head lice. Please, note that essential oils are not for ingestion; some are toxic. Before you use any essential oil, dilute them with a carrier oil and pour a drop of the adulterated mixture on the back of your head or your child’s head.

When dealing with kids, note that there is not enough study to prove that essential oils are not harmful to kids. Also, some though rare have allergic reactions to these oils. Here are some of the oils you can use to remove head lice.

Tea tree oil
Neem oil
Eucalyptus oil

Lavender oil
Clove oil
Aniseed oil
Red thyme oil
Peppermint oil
Nutmeg oil

For nutmeg oil, mix two ounces of olive oil with 15 to 20 drops of the oil and dap the mixture to the scalp. Dap with cotton balls, and leave it on the scalp and hair overnight. Comb out and shampoo, rinse, and repeat.

In addition, you mix 15 to 20 drops of nutmeg oil in 4 ounces of rubbing alcohol inside a spray bottle. Spray the hair and leave it on for at least 12 hours. As soon as the lice are exterminated, the alcohol spray will serve as a preventive measure. Do not forget to comb out the hair; it is the only way to remove dead or live nits and their eggs from your head.

Baking Soda
You can use baking soda for several hacks, other than adding it to your baking mix. Baking soda kills lice by stopping their respiratory systems with a mixture of 1-part baking soda and 3-parts hair conditioner. So, apply the mixture on your hair or kid’s hair and comb through it after diving it into sections.

Remember to use a soft tissue to clean off the comb and remove the nits, baby lice and adult lice. Finally, rinse with an anti-lice shampoo once you are done and ensure you repeat the process a few times in the upcoming days until you are satisfied with the result.

The above home remedies will get rid of lice from your hair and loved ones’ scalp completely. For best result, repeat the process two to three times a week.

Having a clean home does not guaranty a pest-free environment; some pests can still find their way into your squeaky clean home. However, a dirty environment is a breeding ground for pests, including lice.

Even though lice cannot live far from the scalp, and nits won’t hatch at room temperature. It is safe to clean or wash anything that has been in close contact with the person who has head lice. Wash lice-infested items in hot water that is at least 130°F (54°C). For non-washable items, please put them in a plastic bag and leave it for two weeks to kill lice and eggs. Alternatively, please put it in a hot dryer for at least 15 minutes. Lastly, vacuum floors and furniture where lice may have fallen.