How You Can Have Healthy Hair

Best Fruits And Vegetables For Hair Health

Our hair grows from the roots, so the secret to good healthy hair is in improving our scalp and health of the hair follicle. Here are some of the best food and vegetable to give you healthy hair. While all the items listed below can help, you will need to do some additional things as well. Such as avoiding heat styling your hair, and blow dry.

So along with a balanced diet, avoiding excessive heat, using cold water instead of hot, you are sure to be on your way to a fuller, healthier head of hair. In doing so, you begin to feel much better about yourself. There is something to be said about healthier living.


Avocado is one of the yummy sources of vitamin E, which can stimulate hair growth. Medium size of an avocado (approximately 200 grams) offers 21 percent of your daily requirements for vitamin E. 

Just like vitamin C; vitamin E is an antioxidant that assists in the neutralizing free radicals to fight oxidative stress. Individuals with hair loss reported 34.5 percent greater hair growth after eight months of taking a vitamin E supplement in research. 

Furthermore, Vitamin E also protects parts of the skin, such as the scalp, against oxidative damage and stress. Skin damage can reduced hair quality and fewer hair follicles on the scalp. Avocados are indeed a fantastic source of essential fatty acids. 

The human body can not generate these fats, but they are crucial building blocks your cells. Hair loss has been linked to a deficiency in essential fatty acids. 


Research has shown that soybean compounds can promote hair growth. Spermidine is one of those compounds which is found in soybeans. 

An analysis of 100 healthy individuals found that a nutritional supplement based on spermidine extended a phase of effective hair growth called the anagen stage. The longer a hair follicle remains in phase anagen, the longer it grows. 

Test-tube experiments have also demonstrated that spermidine encourages the growth in human hair. However, spermidine and hair growth research is pretty new. Further tests are needed before health authorities can make recommendations on spermidine consumption.


Spinach is loaded with all of the all-important B vitamins, magnesium, iron, and folate. Certain leafy greens like kale often supply skin and hair with dense nutrient benefits. 

Additionally, vitamin C helps to defend and preserve the cell membranes of hair follicles in such dark green leafy vegetables.


Your favorite half cup of pumpkin contains only 83 calories and less than a gram of fat. It is also filled with iron and beta-carotene, the precursor to vitamin A, essential hair growth, and strength vitamin. Also, pumpkin is rich in vitamins C and E, and it helps to repair damaged cells in your body.


This is a perfect source of omega-3 fatty acids and has various health benefits. Omega-3 supplements are a anti-inflammatory agent, which will benefit you if you have inflammation that triggers hair loss. When talking about the right hair loss foods. 

Many accessible omega-3 sources include walnuts, chia seeds, and flax seeds. As well as helping you remain fit and disease-free, the omega-3s encourage you to grow hair and keep it bright and shiny. Remember you should eat fish more than beef, pork, chicken, or processed meats.

Studies show that because of the improper living environment, it isn’t safe to consume too much of the above mention meats. Know that everything has it’s side effects, so knowing where your food has come from, washing your hands, and the necessary meats, fruits and vegetables is imperative.


Another healthy food for your hair is eggs; they are rich in protein and biotin. Besides, these two nutrients that can stimulate hair growth. Protein is an essential nutrient for hair growth; it improves the hair follicles. 

A shortage of protein in the diet has been shown to encourage hair loss. Biotin is necessary for creating a hair protein called keratin, which is why biotin supplements are frequently advertised for hair growth. 

A study has shown that eating more biotin will help enhance hair development in people with a biotin deficiency. If you consume a healthy diet, biotin deficiencies are likely uncommon for you.  

Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are a good source of beta-carotene. Your body turns this compound into vitamin A, which is related to healthy hair. 

A medium sweet potato about 114 grams contains enough beta-carotene to supply more than four times your daily requirements for vitamin A. 

Study has shown that vitamin A promotes sebum development, which helps to maintain healthy hair. Furthermore, vitamin A may also boost hair growth levels and promote thicker hair growth while preventing other hair follicles from regressing.


Grapes contain polyphenolic compounds which can help to prevent cell damage. Oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC) present in grapes help to inhibit the development of dihydrotestosterone, a significant hair loss cause. 

OPC promotes hair follicle growth. Eating about a cup of grapes a day will help reduce inflammation in your tissues.


Iron deficiency can lead to hair loss, as well as a lack of vitamin D, especially in women. Iron is plentiful in spinach (and other dark leafy greens), soybeans, lentils, fortified grains, and pasta in our ol’ mate. Liver can sound much less appealing to you, but your hair will benefit if you like pâté. Organ meats such as liver have iron in them a lot.

For your healthy hair with fruits and vegetables here is a list of issues you can be sure to avoid, rheumatoid arthritis, cystic fibrosis and blood clots, all by eating avocados. remember there is always a chain reaction to anything we do, whether good or bad. But let’s practice what is good and wholesome for the betterment of our lives.