How To Take Advantage Of This Lockdown, Covid-19

The different ways you can take advantage of this lockdown, that will prove to be very beneficial.

The lockdown because of the COVID19, also known as the novel coronavirus is not news to us by now. However, some of us tend to adapt to the situation that has changed our way of living in so many aspects. Moreover, we know it has had some devastating consequences to us, our businesses, education and carrier. A lot of people are not able to do business as usual. However, you have a chance to explore new ways to take advantage of this lockdown.

Find New Skills

Whether there is something, you wanted to learn, to improve your present work or skills, or whether you’re preparing for a career change, then this is a perfect opportunity to continue your learning process during this lockdown and also improve on your resume.

Become Your Own Radio Promoter

The expense of qualified radio promoters is high. However, you can also choose to promote your Radio. Using the radio monitoring system from WARM will make you significantly more effective.

For instance, when you’re looking for radio stations to promote your music to you can: Find artists whose music is similar to yours, and see where the airplay is coming from. This will send you a shortlist of specific target radio stations. It is advisable to keep an eye on your competitors.

Find stations where your music has already been played. Since they’ve already heard your music,
there’s a fair possibility that they’ll be open to hearing more from you. Diversify products and services in your company. One thing you might need to worry about is making your company diversified. Business owners may not be able to do business as they would usually, but in this new situation, you do need to ensure that your business remains floating and continues to trade. Therefore, the time to diversify is also now.

It may be serving up advertising online through digital marketing, even going out and promising new offers to attract clients and consumers. You might even want to change the course of your company completely.

Be Creative And Think Outside The Box.

Create a more accessible way to work or flexible work environment.

Creating a more mobile approach to work will allow you to start trading through this period. Using apps such as Skype, Zoom or even broadcasting stuff online rather than holding a face-to-face class or conference.

If you have staff, now will be the time to work from home, and discover new ways of working and communicating, while social distancing. It gives you the ability to think creatively because if you have diversified interaction, because of the use of digital apps, it can also open up more opportunities or cost savings for the future.

Start Targeting Social Media

Currently, social media is pretty much in fire. This is one way for marketers, and artists companies stay in touch with their costumers and fan base; for instance, sharing their business opportunities, new products and sharing their music via live sessions. This also helps you to branch out into new markets and regions. You will further focus your social media activities by recognizing which countries and cities that buy your products or need your service.

Most products are consumed or required according to groups, genre, country, sex, etc. Use your social media account to provide a fuller and more precise view of your products or service.

Time To Update Your Website Content

You may want to contribute to your business right now, so it may be that you want to start looking at updating those contents on your online platform. You should start with your website and use keywords to refine the content and focus on your SEO, so to boost the odds of using the website now and in the future.

You can do this yourself or employ an SEO consultant to help you do it. Perhaps this is a work on the list that is not usually prioritized, so take advantage of the time. Try to make your website look more attractive to visitors, so they don’t just click and exist because of your uninteresting website.

Maintain A Routine

Doing a free online course will help you gain care of the lockdown and create a schedule that involves learning and your everyday activities alongside. As the world changes around us, it’s easy to get side-tracked and lose attention, so maintaining a routine will improve mental health, and even boost concentration and success on other tasks.