Keeping busy during Social Distancing

Your mention state is everything during a time like this, removing yourself from others who do not live with you can be hard, but vital to your very being. It has been ordered that we stay home, in order to stay safe. Remember to keep you and your family protected! Remember to wear protective gear when going outside, and only go out when absolutely necessary. Most people do not have a N95 mask, but it has been said to wear a bandana, a scarf, something, anything to help protect yourself against COVID 19.

Stand no less than six feet apart from others, wear your face covering, minimize touching various things while out, and never touch your face. Use hand sanitizer and hand wipes that kill at least 99.9% germs, and thoroughly washing your hands when you return home, after changing your clothes. Frequently sanitize hard surfaces in your home to help minimize the spread of germs. Most of all take no chances beloved!

Let’s all do our part, and I will see you on the other side of this pandemic. Blessings and prayer to our Healthcare workers, grocery store workers, and all other essential workers. My love to you all during this time.

Fun Things To Do During Coronavirus or Covid-19 Lockdown
Remaining indoors is an excellent way to protect yourself and your family from Coronavirus or Covid-19. If the isolation has made you and your loved ones trapped inside, and it’s making you bored, then are several things you can do to conserve time while keeping yourself isolated.
Some kids love baking, particularly with the hope of ending up with a snack! And getting children interested in the kitchen from an early age is a great way to introduce your kids to everything from new flavors and recipes to baking and cooking math and science. How about trying baking some you have never tried before, making some simple cookie recipes for kids, cookies with vegan chocolate chips, and easier for peasy baking. If you are looking for inspiration, you can also have a lot of ideas from cooking shows, books, and blogs.

Treasure hunt
We all love to look for secret items. Write a list of things they need to search and send a list to everyone. The stuff around the house can be inside your home. Set a time limit on how long the items will be located. In addition, in the form of hints, you can place certain items, and someone has to find out what the item is. Have a small winner’s prize.
Sleeping bags wrestling
Take off the living room coffee table. Then let your kids put sleeping bags over their heads and play with each other. You’ll need to be the ref to ensure that nobody is injured and everybody can breathe. To make it more enjoyable, add sound. You can also be the announcer and do intros like pro-wrestling.
Enjoy memories with old family photos
Families love to look at old pictures and tell stories about each photo so find some old photo albums and look at the past. Let each person pick their own photo and tell them the story behind those photos they’ve chosen. This is a perfect entertainer during this isolation period! You can also let your kids have their own photo album and allow them to design their own album cover.

Facial painting
Most children love to paint their faces, so it’s worth having some good facial paint in the family home. I’m sure most parents such paintings at home when your kids play dress up in school, holiday time, Halloween, gaming days, and lots more! Using the isolation period as a time to learn new methods and designs, you never know when you would need backup activities when your kids are having a play date or a birthday party.
Do dress up/ makeover
When your kids have their own makeup set, you can let them use their personal dress-up things, but it will be more fun when you allow them to use your make up or give them access to your wardrobe! Ideally, pull out some of your old clothing (although not your favorites ones) and some shoes or accessories for costumes, and your kids would love to run around in them.
Tea party
Get your homemade tea party. You should get sophisticated, use exquisite china, and bring out little sandwiches and treats. This is also a fun thing that you can do with the family, replacing tea with hot chocolate if you for your kids.

Catch up with old Friends and Family
Contacting your grandparents or a long-lost friend over the internet or Skype is a perfect indoor/isolation experience and can be a lot of fun for everybody.
Catch Up on Your Favorites Shows
Another offered trapped indoors on a quarantine/ isolation day, but catching up on your favorite shows you skipped through busy weeks of work is a nice way to pass the time. Moreover, lose yourself in some exciting daytime TV without worrying about work the next day.

Create a Nice Meal
While there is time to enjoy cooking and eating a proper meal, then why don’t you make a tasty dinner for yourself or the family? For a break from the ordinary meals, you can set the table with fancy dinnerware and make it like a restaurant.
Exercise/ Yoga
If working out is your thing, and now that you can’t get to the gym or head outdoors, don’t worry. To get your much-needed exercise and yoga, do your own mini at-home workout using an online program or a fitness DVD.
Internet Window Store
Spend some time looking around and get suggestions or offers on any items that you may like to shop for in the future. Only make sure if you see something that grabs your attention, you have the willpower not to buy aimlessly.
Board Games
Playoff with your family or roommates by playing the Monopoly or other fantastic board games you might have on hand for a match day marathon.
Get a book to read
Snuggle up on a sofa with a decent book while you stay indoors.

Prayer/Learning the Bible

Meditation /Quite Time

Science Projects

Home Schooling/Math/Reading/Government



Trampoline/Go-Carts/ATV’s/Dirt bikes


Starting a Blog/Vlog/Starting your own business

Scrap Booking

Roasting Marshmallows


A much needed nap

Pulling weeds/Yard work

Activities for the children

And if all else fails, SPRING CLEANING…..LOL