Suicide Prevention

Suicide is self murder according to the bible


Suicide and the many questions that go un-answered. In just one single week my niece and two famous people took it upon themselves to do the ultimate, the unthinkable, and that is take their own lives in spite of what the Bible says regarding murder. Something in their lives for either some selfish or sad reason made them believe that suicide was the best way out.

What does the bible say about suicide? When we take our own lives, do we miss out on Heaven? In this article we will go over many things concerning God’s guidelines regarding suicide. There are many reasons people choose to end their lives, which can also be considered a selfish act. Do you believe it is selfish of the individual who does so? Or is the pain or dispare too much to bare, that they feel suicide is the best way out? What about the fact that the loved ones that are left behind are left scratching their heads, and hurt beyond reason. Leaving confusing from that day forward. So what does the bible say about suicide? Read further to gleam a little more insight on this subject.

The Bible views suicide the same as murder, which can be considered self-murder. God is the creator and maker of one’s life. The only one who determines who shall or shall not live, and at the appointed time He chooses. Note that the psalmist says, “My time is in your hands” (Psalm 31:15).

God is the giver of life. He gives, and He takes away (Job 1:21). Suicide, is the act of taking one’s own life, which is ungodly because it goes against the gift of life according to God. No man or woman should ever presume to take God’s authority upon themselves to end his or her own life. But many of you have done so, I will not presume to tell you what type of judgment God will bestow upon you. For I know not the level of wraft from our Savior.

According to the Scriptures many felt a deep despair in life. Solomon, in his pursuit of pleasure, reached the point where he “hated life” (Ecclesiastes 2:17). Elijah was fearful and depressed and yearned for death (1 Kings 19:4). Jonah was so angry at God that he wished to die (Jonah 4:8). The apostle Paul and his companions at one point “were under extreme pressure, in manners far beyond our ability to endure, so that we despaired of life itself” (2 Corinthians 1:8).

However, none of these men committed suicide. Solomon learned to “fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the duty of all mankind” (Ecclesiastes 12:13). Elijah was comforted by an angel, allowed to rest, and given a new commission. Jonah received admonition and rebuke from God. Paul learned that, although the pressure he faced was beyond his ability to endure, the Lord can bear all things: “This happened that we might not rely on ourselves but on God, who raises the dead” (2 Corinthians 1:9).

So, according to the Bible, suicide is a sin. It is not the “greatest” sin—it is no worse than other evils, in terms of how God sees it, and it does not determine a person’s eternal destiny. However, suicide definitely has a deep and lasting impact on those left behind. The painful scars left by a suicide do not heal easily. May God grant His grace to each one who is facing trials today (Psalm 67:1). And may each of us take hope in the blessed promise, “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved” (Romans 10:13).

Some have taking their lives for reason that make no sense to us, but to them, it was justified. Now I can sit here and say, that if you are so down that you take your life because of a mate, then your entire existence was merely for the sake of others. If for some reason it’s because you are to afraid to pay for the crime you have committed, then you are a coward. But for reasons such as depression and other illnesses, my heart is sadden for you. Only God can and will deal with this act accordingly.

I am not judging you by any means, actually I pray for you. My heart goes out to those who feel the need to take this avenue. Those who are bullied and use this method, I am angry because of it. Not angry at you, but angry at the evil minded bully. It is not fair. But I say to you, lean and depend on God, He can fix when no one else can. He is just and faithful to see you through your trials and tribulations.

ENCOURAGE YOURSELF: Seek God’s guidance and counsel. Study His word to gain strength daily. Without His power in your life you will perish. It is just what the enemy wants. Don’t give him that satisfaction. Ever!

I have a personal experience that brought me great anger, because of the level of selfishness my niece committed when taking her life. Now she says she loves her siblings, her children, and even the grandchildren. But takes her life, number 1. Number 2, she does it in her sister’s guest house. Which has left her sister sad and too anxious to go into the guest house, where she resided. After several attempts, she finally accomplished what she set out to do. But not before finding out she would serve 25 years in prison for embezzlement.

Anita’s Thoughts: So this is my personal thought on this matter concerning my neice and the self murder. She emblezzed money from her job and lived high on the hog, along with my oldest sister, as well as her sons. Upon getting caught and going through her trial. I believe she thought she would either be on probation, or serve very little time, but because she stole so much money. They realized she was going to get as much as 25 years of prison time. Finally after her fourth attempt to kill herself, she successfully accomplished her task.

With help from her boyfriend and youngest son, she managed to hang herself, but the placement of her body, leaves questions. Somehow she managed to convince them to assist her in her final moments. Her mom, my sister is on Facebook making comments, how and why? Wouldn’t a distraught mother be in mourning too much to care about another nieces weight loss. Could it really be possible that her mother, her sister, boyfriend and sons be a part of her death? Keeping everything about why, the letter, all a secret. Everyone who are a part, are keeping it hush hush. I do believe they would be dis-fellowshiped if they knew.

Even Stevie Wonder could see that many of the family members had a secret part of this suicide/murder. Yes my sister and niece who are Jehovah’s Witnesses took a part of this crime they think no one can see holes in, and let’s not leave out my other sister, who found the body. The spirit of the Lord has shown me, this was not just a one man job. Note that my two sisters in this matter, have no problem with death. For they assisted my mom and grandmother or my brother our youngest brother. All with an over dose of morphine. For those who are willing to assist in self suicide, it is murder!

People lack integrity, morals, and decency, but know this one thing. It doesn’t matter who you are, your day before God is coming. One should pray for mercy.

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If you need to talk, or anxious about an un-natural feeling to commit suicide please seek help immediately. Call the hotline number above please. Don’t be afraid to talk. You are loved and yes, someone does care about you. As a matter of fact, I love you with the love of Christ Jesus.

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