Learning To Forgive

Unforgiveness and learning to rid it from your life, because it is a matter of life and death in some cases. You have made the right choice.

What is forgiveness?

Well it is the act of allowing someone who has wronged you in some way or another to know that you no longer hold any animosity toward them. You are not going to dwell in the past, and that you are pressing forward to greater things. You make a declaration within yourself and your perpetrator than you are no longer sad, mad or bitter.

In choosing to press forward, you are freeing your self from bitterness, undo anger, and not allowing evil to consume you. Therefore fighting off any sickness or disease that would settle as a cancer in your most sacred being. You will be the better for it, most will not understand, and will try to influence you to hold on to this bitter ill will. But you have made the right decision and what is best for your body and soul.

Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge is power, and when you know better, you are required to do better. Knowledge without application is of no avail, even the bible instructs us to act in the power thereof. Unforgiveness is like drinking poison, it’s going to literally kill you, naturally and spiritually.

In the Amber Guyger trial where this Dallas Police Officer killed a innocent man in the privacy of his own home, while trying to watch Thursday night football and eat a bowl of ice cream, posing no threat to anyone, and not breaking any laws. Was brutally gunned down and if that was bad enough, she failed to render the proper aide to Botham. Was convicted of murder one year later today, and was only giving a 10 year sentence.

After the sentencing, Brandt Jean, Botham’s younger brother (18) gave a testimony stating that he forgave Amber Guyger, he only wanted the best for her, and didn’t even want her to serve any time. Brandt also stated that Botham would want her to accept Christ in her life. This was the type of person Botham was. Brandt asked the judge could he hug her, after some thought the Honorable Judge Tammy Kemp said yes. Brandt and Amber embraced each other, as hug that shocked the nation, a hug that lasted longer than anyone would have expected, and a hug that was deemed unprecedented. But it happened, we stood in awe at this 18 year old young man from St Lucia, who took the nation by surprise, which had many of us in tears. A man who would apparently do great things in this world, as his steps were certainly ordered by God.

It was at that moment that my heart begin to soften, who was I? That I could hold a grudge against Amber Guyger and call my self a Christian, even when Botham’s family was willing to forgive. Botham would be extremly proud of his younger brother today, it is in times like this that one must take a deeper look at themselves. Please do not allow Botham’s death to be in vain, if forgiveness is the answer for the nation, than forgiveness it is.

The court was quite emotional, Judge Tammy Kemp hugged the Jean family, as well as Amber Guyger, and gave Amber her personal bible to take with her to prison. Reading the scripture in John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeith in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life,now this is love. In Brandt’s testimony he told Amber he loved her like he does anyone else, what an incredible love, what an incredible man, that’s the love and forgiveness of God.

A Life Changing Moment

The turn of events that occurred in the last two days, took me for a loop. It changed my life and it will never be the same, to watch this family forgive the suspect for killing their beloved Botham Shem Jean, is an remarkable jesture from people who absolutely practice what they preach. I knew they were Christians, but I never knew to what depths. Today I found out just how much their faith in Christ meant to them. Even passed the tears, the outburst, and the media. This family has endured a great deal, please keep them in your prayers for continued strength .

I am a new person today, I told myself a few days ago to not say negative things on the live feed during the trial anymore. Before I was a beast, saying mean things even though I was trying to keep it clean, it was still mean. So my thought for you is this, if we all practice being kind, treating people equal, stop thinking certain groups are less than, considering others rather than yourself, this world could be a better place. Pray for senseless acts of cruelty that they stop, that the police brutality would cease as well. A change must come, it’s imperative, in order to survive this cruel world.


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