Don’t Take Breathing For Granted


Hello my friends, I have a friend named Katie who has Sarcoidosis and Pulmonary Hypertension which both can affect her breathing. Many times we take breathing for granted and never think anything of it. We just assume that from one day to the next it’s never going to be an issue. But in all honesty, we really don’t know. It’s any body’s guess what the course of the day is going to bring you.

Katie’s daily routine is tough to say the least, just walking to the toilet can be a difficult task. Because as each step is taken, breathing becomes more and more difficult. Imagine not being able to breathe and every step you take becomes more and more challenging , your pulse drops, your heart rate increases, your lips start to turn blue and it’s as if you are going to pass out.

Katie’s struggle is all to real, never take your loved ones for granted, nor should you take breathing for granted. So with Katie’s breathing treatments, the medications, the mobile scooter to get around and possible depression, fear of being alone, and lastly the possibility of not being able to get a lung transplant and or death. This situation can be very frustrating as well as scary to say the least.

Sarcoidosis: Sarcoidosis is a chronic disease unknown and characterized by the enlargement of lymph nodes in many parts of the body and the widespread appearance of granulomas derived from the reticuloendothelial system.

Pulmonary Hypertension: Pulmonary Hypertension is a chronic and progressive disease. Associated with high blood pressure in the blood vessels that supply the lungs.

Portable O2 Concentrator

What is portable O2?
Portable oxygen concentrators are medical devices that help people with low levels of oxygen in the blood. The power is on, so the device is plugged into a power outlet or a battery.

Increases survival
Oxygen supplementation, which lasts at least 15 hours a day, increases survival in some patients. And with portable oxygen technology, you can use portable oxygen therapy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anytime, anywhere.
Improves the load tolerance
Research has shown that using extra oxygen while exercising allows you to work longer and more intense, which means you receive greater rewards for all your efforts.

Improve mental alertness
Are you in a mental mood? If you do not get enough oxygen, it affects every organ in your body, including your brain. Confusion is the primary manifestation that individuals with lung sickness don’t get enough oxygen The use of extra oxygen keeps your brain and all other vital organs healthy.
A good night’s sleep
Oxygen saturation usually decreases during sleep, even in people with a healthy lung. If you have COPD or other chronic lung diseases, transient nocturnal desaturation can slow your sleep and cause serious health problems. If your sleep pattern is normally interrupted, talk to your doctor about nocturnal oximetry. You can benefit from extra oxygen during sleep, which helps you find the peace of mind you need.

Improve the mood
Research shows that oxygen therapy is associated with improved knowledge, performance, and mood – and may even increase your self-esteem.
Increases stamina
If you have low energy to get through the day, it may be because the oxygen level is low. Oxygen therapy gives you the stamina needed to perform normal daily functions such as pulling, cleaning the house, preparing meals, and carrying a dog on foot.

Some warranties have the same manufacturer’s warranty, they have the same expiration date. Although the hub is new to you, the warranty will be transferred to you, not if you bought it for a new one. This means you have to pay for your bag when it’s time for repairs and replacement parts.
Depending on the model, the domestic hub used may not be fully utilized. For example, a home model that should be able to use up to 10 LPM can work properly up to 7 LPMs. Make sure the concentrator is used in the amount needed for oxygen before taking anything else.

In spite of the fact that oxygen isn’t a combustible gas, it aids combustion, which means that things are easier to burn in your presence. If you need additional oxygen:
Never smoke or let anyone smoke while the oxygen is consumed at home or in the car.
Do not use oxygen near an open source of heat such as an oven or electric cooker.
Abstain from utilizing individual care items that petroleum.

Oxygen toxicity
People who are opened to high levels of oxygen over a long period are at risk of oxygen poisoning. These include patients with respirators, preterm infants, and those receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapies. For this reason, it is better that if justified by oxygen therapy, the lowest effective dose is given