The Most Inexpensive Meal Ever!

Saving money and cutting back on calories as well by ordering one full entree, but sharing with your significant other, or maybe a friend. Not to mention that we should all have a 10% rule, for those who must have taste of something succulent and divine from time to time. Minimize how often you use this 10% rule. I would say once per month is sufficient, if you can go longer please do so.

Listen dear one, don’t think it cheap of me. It’s not about money, it’s about being able to have a meal full of unwanted calories and fat. Such as a Mexican meal with refried beans, sour cream or guacamole on the side. This is not the first time I’ve done this. But it is the first time I did it with my husband. He was all for it, which surprised me.

I scooped him up from the library and whisked him off to lunch today, at a Mexican restaurant he claimed he had eaten at before, assuring me that the food was good.

At first I had some shame regarding how minimum our meal or bill would be. Since I am trying to be diligent in this new way of life, for a better quality of life. It was necessary to minimize our caloric intake, since we were at a Mexican restaurant. Although the food was fabulous, we decided to share one chimichanga, drink water, and share the beans, and sour cream. But let me tell you just how great it was to sink my teeth into this glorious feast.

We decided to dine early, so we could walk off our meal a bit. I walked and Paul decided the treadmill was best for him. Afterwards we were able to relax or jump into the bed without hesitation, because a thought we cheated on our diet, we ate early and we exercise to help curve some of the fat or calories.

I went back and forth concerning this article, and whether to blog about it. Well my decision was based on being honest with you, especially because this a blog about healthy living. I also decided, if I couldn’t be myself, I would be miserable. I love what being transparent does for me as well as others. It helps, it heals, and it’s very encouraging.

Our chimichanga was ground beef with refried beans, with melted cheese on top, with sour cream and salsa on the top. We gave up on soda many years ago, and Paul prefers to drink unsweetened tea, but opted for water today.

Mexican food is my favorite, one would think it would be soul food, but no. Itso Mexican food, something I used to eat every other day, years ago. I am grateful for the new way of living. Especially since I went to the doctor a week ago and my blood work was very good, my blood pressure was extremely good. I am back now, lol. Back to my healthy living! Get on board my friend, it’s never too late.