Strategies for losing 20lbs


Simple Strategies For Losing Weight: Weight loss and weight gain have become a thing of concern for so many people and every day more people are becoming aware of the health implications of excess weight and as such are looking for ways to get rid of the weight. There are various reasons why you may want to shed that weight, some of which are:

• To boost confidence and raise self-esteem: Research has shown that people who successfully shed weight had their confidence level raised.

• Stress eliminator: Stress levels can be reduced when you shed some weight and leave you feeling relaxed. This is as a result of endorphins and other hormones released when you do regular exercises.

• To fit into desired clothes: It is painful when you enter a clothes store and all the lovely clothes are not available in your size. It can leave you feeling dejected and demoralized.

• Improved fitness: Staying physically fit is a requirement for a healthy body and lifestyle. In an “International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders” publication, it was said that quite a lot of physical movements, especially walking and running is much easier for people with normal weight. For improved athletic performance, shedding some weight can help.

• Improved appearance: The society has a way of stigmatizing people who are overweight, and this leads them to believe they will look better and be accepted into the society if they lost some weight.

• Improved sex drive: The moment you start shedding weight, there is the tendency to start becoming aroused easily, and that is as a result of an increase in testosterone levels. Also, there are high levels of cortisol (stress hormone) secretions in women with lots of belly fat. Cortisol inhibits sexual arousal.

• Healthy living: This is one of the most important reasons for weight loss, being overweight or obese can lead to cardiovascular problems, diabetes and even death in some cases. These are just a few reasons from many why there may be a need for you to shed some weight. Whatever you do, make sure the decision comes from within you. How do you lose 20lbs in 3 months? The society we live in today, one way or another contributes immensely to the way people have begun to get obsessive with weight loss. Focus on your health and paying attention to the wellbeing of your body is the ultimate step to a successful weight loss program. Love your body totally, and that will be the beginning of the cure for your weight loss issue. Follow me as I share with you simple guidelines and strategies to lose 20lbs in 3 months.

• Free your mind: The mind is an important tool to aid weight loss, first, you have to clear your mind of inhibiting and negative thoughts that will prevent you from losing focus. Your mind needs to be in perfect harmony with your subconscious so that the synergy between your mind and subconscious can affect the desired change. Your subconscious is really powerful, but it works based on what your mind feeds it. This is why you need to eliminate every negative thought and reorient your subconscious.

• Avoid emotional eating: Emotional eating is one of the most difficult habits to stop for someone who wants to shed some weight. To achieve this would require conscious relaxation of the brain by inducing relaxation response using yoga sound meditation.

• Put a check on cravings: Prevention is one of the best ways to control cravings, we can change our cravings by making appealing and positive changes to our diet. It takes effort at first. Learn to know what triggers these cravings and create a plan to tackle the cravings when they come.

• Yoga diet: Wondering what a yoga diet is? A yoga diet consists of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, legumes and beans, dairy in moderate amounts and whole grains. The foods are a natural way to nourish the body while balancing it out and eliminating toxins. A yoga diet also increases longevity, produces overall good health and supports immunity.

• Boost your metabolism: The best way to deal with this is by ensuring everything that goes in through your mouth is nutritious and wholesome. To rejuvenate the liver, you should eat natural, whole, plant-based foods. The liver needs to be in shape for effective weight loss. A drink of warm lemon water in the morning, this helps to clean the liver and effective digestion is stimulated.

• Regular exercise: Get a regular exercise routine that works for you, it could be walking or running, just make sure to move the body regularly.

• Meditation: Meditation helps you to focus and clear your mind, look for a cool spot where you cannot be disturbed and do your meditations, you can get into that relaxed state by chanting meditative weight loss mantras.

• Regular water intake: Drink water regularly helps you lose weight, it is advised to drink water before a meal. Replace your calorie loaded drinks with water.

• Avoid sugary drinks: Sugar has been found out to contribute immensely to weight gain, and many sugary drinks contain large amounts of sugar, so it is best to avoid them if you really want to shed that weight.

• Avoid stress and sleep well: A lot of times we neglect stress and sleep when both can have adverse effects on your appetite and encourage weight gain. Lack of sleep can disrupt hormones that regulate appetites called ghrelin and leptin.

• Keep unhealthy foods out of sight: Constantly seeing unhealthy foods around you can increase craving and hunger, making you eat more, rather than have unhealthy foods in your view, replace them with healthy foods.

• Keep track of yourself: By keeping tabs on your behavior, you push yourself to change because you hold yourself accountable. Remember, self-awareness equals self-motivation.

ENCOURAGE YOURSELF: Remember the first and primary thing is to love yourself, love your body and stay healthy. All the best as you take that first step to weight loss. Note that the body and spirit go hand in hand. We as saints must feed our spiritual being as well as our natural being. As well as with hold feeding our natural body, so that our spiritual being can become much stronger in the faith.