A1c, Diabetes Treatment Plan What It Means


A1C is a test that reveals how well your diabetes treatment plan works. Here’s how to get a healthy A1C number and avoid complications in diabetes. If your diabetes is properly controlled and your blood sugar is stable, the American Diabetes Association recommends that you take an A1C test twice a year.

This simple testing can be done in your doctor’s office. Some physicians may use the A1C test algorithm, where the toe can be performed in the office, and the results are available for about 10 minutes. A1C test results provide information about how your treatment plan works and how it can be changed to control the condition better. Your doctor may need to test every three months if your A1C is not within your target range.

How to reduce your A1C, by making these healthy changes, you can improve your daily blood sugar and lower your A1C: 1. Move more. Try to do 30 minutes of exercise five days a week. This does not have to be a formal exercise. Find something you like about your moving body – take your dog for a walk, play with a friend or drive a stationary bike or a regular bike outdoors. There is also swimming, basketball, and other fun activities to do with the kids.

2. Eat a balanced diet with the appropriate sizes. They can provide you with non-starchy vegetables, but the serving sizes will fit when eating fruits, lean proteins, fats and complex carb like bread, potatoes and other starches. Using a salad bowl instead of a large plate can help prevent overfilling. Avoid as much as possible processed foods and do not bake with juices and fruit juice. A diabetic or nutritionist can help you if you are not sure of a proper diet for diabetes.

3. Note the schedule. Avoid meals, so spending time between meals or eating too much or too much can cause a drop in blood sugar levels and increase others. Your doctor can help you to determine the best meals for your lifestyle.

4. Follow your treatment plan. The treatment with diabetes is highly individualized. Your doctor will help you decide the steps you need to take to control your diabetes successfully. Always meet your doctor before making any changes.

5. Check your blood sugar as indicated. Work with your doctor to determine if and how often you should check your blood sugar. Understanding A1C levels is an essential part of your diabetes management. If you have questions about your A1C levels or what they mean, do not hesitate to ask your doctor. What you eat or if or not you exercise, makes an incredible difference in you blood glucose readings, as well as your A1c.

It is imperative to take the best possible care of yourself. Diabetes is an ugly disease. I challenge you all to making better choices in your life, and I will do the same.

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The doctor said I was boarder line diabetic, so I will be making sure my eating habits are better. I am physically active Monday through Friday. Too worn out on the weekends to do much, but I do outings and activities with the twins. (My A1c number was 6.1 just so you know.)

Foods To Avoid

Processed meats or salted cured meats, sugary drinks, starchy vegetables, excess sodium, cakes, pies, sweet cereals, etc; white rice and pasta salads. Be sure to eat lean meats and drink plenty of water for a healthy living lifestyle. here you will find a link for healthy salad recipes. Click Here! And yes you can eat Greek salads.

Ground beef should be avoided at all cost because of the fatty oils, but if you must have some, remember to eat lean ground beef, and all the other meats should be lean as well. portion control is vital, small amounts of any one thing is key. Especially your meats, and starchy foods. All things in moderation.

Salad dressings

Many people seem to love an excessive amount of salad dressing on their salads, but you must also use portion control with this too. I can honestly say I am glad I am not that person, it actually takes away from the salad if there is too much dressing on the salad.

When avoiding these foods, it will help fight kidney disease.

Wasted Calories

The way I see sugary items such as sodas and other drinks, is that it’s a total waste of calories. If I am going to have a treat, I want it to be something worth my while. But a good substitute is a nice green salad with berries and nuts, and whole grain crackers. Maybe some grapes and mango, or baked apples. It helps with the blood sugar as well as the high blood pressure.

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