Getting Finicky Kids To Eat Their Vegetables



Practical Ways That Will Inspire Your Kids Eat Their Vegetables

Vegetables, without mincing words, are very important to us, especially to fast-growing kids; among other things, vegetables provide energy, vitamins, fiber, anti-oxidant, and water. You may know the benefits of eating vegetables but many kids do not see veggies that way. We can’t blame them, we probably did the same thing growing up. Nonetheless, vegetables help your children prevent diseases such as heart disease, some cancers and stroke.

So, you will be doing your kid a solid by adding vegetables to their diet. Moreover, to have a healthy diet, you need to eat lots of veggies, including a variety of foods derived from other main food groups. In addition, if you kids under eight years need to 2-4½ serves of vegetables every day.

Getting your kids to eat or love eating vegetables can most times seem like an uphill task. But there are fun ways you can make them eat their veggies without looking like a villain to them.

Persistence and praise

Let us face it, we love when people praise us for doing something, and we get encouraged to keep the good works. Same goes for children, they love to hear praises from people especially from the ones they love and respect. When they finish their veggies you can sneak in some sweet desserts, then reduce the number of desserts as they grow. Another thought for desserts can be fresh fruit.

Do what you preach

Kids learn fast from what they see adults do; if you want them to love vegetables, you have to eat veggies too. You cannot skip vegetables and expect your kids to eat theirs. Learn more about this by reading raising godly kids. Besides, eating healthy foods promotes healthy living and less painful trips to the hospital.

Do not get tired of serving veggies

Veggies are not ice cream, chocolates or candies; do not expect them to love it their first few tries. Keep offering them during mealtime and encourage them while doing so. Some kids may love a meal at first try, others might like it in. Remember not to get tired of serving vegetables to them.

Get them involved in cooking with vegetables

If they make it, they will love to try it. Generally, cooking with your kids is cool and it is another opportunity to bond with your kids. So, you can introduce them to vegetables first in the kitchen, before they see and taste it on the dining table; that way, they do not get thrown off completely by the taste. Oh by the way, during cooking, you can lecture them on the nutrient content of each vegetable; this will spike up their interest.

Serve vegetables as after meal snacks

This is another brilliant way to get you and your family to eat healthy snacks during the day. You do not have to switch to veggie snacks immediately, you can start with veggies Wednesday or any day of the week, you prefer. Then you slowly give two days to vegetables until the entire family is accustomed to the healthy change.

Keep it interesting

Some parents make the mistake by always adding just one or a few vegetables to their kids’ diet. Use a varieties of vegetables instead of just one; this will make your kids eat more vegetables by trying the different kinds of veggies on the plate. In addition, check recipes on how to cook vegetables differently.

Encourage Yourself In the Lord

Reading alone will not change situations, you have to read and then implement them to see positive results. Lastly, you may not get it right the first few tries, but do not give up. Keep serving healthy meals, and explain to your young ones the importance of eating healthy foods. Also, getting cartoons that promote a healthy lifestyle can help your kids eat vegetables like their favorite cartoon characters