Earth Day!

We must do better with the world we live in. This is a clear picture of what we think of ourselves, our space, or even our lives. In a nutshell, we care so less about our environment. Because of our lack of concern, we do more damage than good.

Today is Earth day, April 22! What is Earth day? Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22. Worldwide, various events are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day now includes events in more than 193 countries, which are now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network.

If we thought more highly of ourselves or cared about our environment, we would do much better. We live in some of the dirtiest parts of the world, and I’m not just talking about third world countries, even here in the United States of America we have a huge problems.

We throw trash out the windows of our cars, we would rather walk right over something than to pick it up. Yes, by all means, be careful how and with what you use, and NO, you can’t just pick up everything. But we don’t care, or don’t give any thought to our environment, and consequently this is what we are left with.

Simple Ways To Celebrate Earth Day

For most people it goes under the radar, unnoticed and uncelebrated. In a society where we honor each other with celebrating birthdays, Mothers/Fathers Day, Christmas, etc., let’s come together and honor the earth that allows us to eat, breathe, love and exist. Here are 10 simple ways you can celebrate this Earth Day! Our Earth Matters!

How Climate Change is changing our planet

A prime example is New Delhi, which is dealing with the Dirty Air Dangers. Nearly 1.8 million die every year in India from air pollution.

The plastic problems in Bondi Beach in Australia, is using hundreds of Seabins to help filter our oceans. Nearly 18 billion pounds of plastic end up in our oceans every year. With our Troubled Waters, Seabins are being used to help clean debri from our oceans.

Climate control change impacts historic and record breaking weather. Climate Researchers are studying the Sea floor on scientific expedition in Antarctica.

Solar Future: South Africa works to create renewable energy and fight blackouts.

Many restaurants are beginning to ban plastic straws, they are using metal, or no straws at all. Do your part to change our planet, healthier water means a healthier you, as well as our sea life.

1. Keep The Car In The Garage

How about leaving the car at home and walking, cycling or using public transport even just for today? Perhaps it’s walking the kids to school instead of driving them, or you might opt to cycle to yoga. It may take you a little more time but you’ll get to enjoy the fresh air, teach the kids about nature on the way to school, or read a book on the train or bus. Who knows, you might enjoy it so much it becomes a regular thing!

2. Practice Yoga Outdoors

Ask your yoga teacher or local studio to offer classes outdoors. Fresh air, a natural setting, no butts in your face and no need for electricity. Ending the class with a meditation and offering a little love and gratitude to the earth would be a beautiful way to complete this natural yoga experience.

3. Recycle

As Voltaire says, “no snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible,” yet where would the avalanche be without each snowflake? In the same way, our individual and seemingly small habits can combine to have a powerful effect — and recycling is a great example of this. Get the kids involved too and help create some positive habits for generations to come!

4. Invest In A Reusable Coffee Cup

For the price of a couple of lattes, you can buy yourself a reusable cup which means you won’t be adding to the large pile of coffee-related rubbish. Earth Day is the perfect “excuse” to form a new habit that could save 5 cups and lids over the course of a work week, which is around 300 over the course of a year!

5. The Big Turn Off

Did anyone else’s mum ever bang on about turning off appliances or lights when you were a child? Chances are she was trying to save money on the power bill, but money isn’t the only thing you’ll be saving. For today, try turning off appliances at the wall when you’re not using them, or switching off lights when you leave the room. It sounds so simple but still worth mentioning as it still takes conscious effort!

6. Unplug The TV

Take it easy, it’s just one day! Following on from the previous point, why not keep the TV switched off all day? By making it a ‘no TV’ day, you’ll have some extra time to connect with nature in some way. Enjoy a walk, get some fresh air, and appreciate your natural environment. Perhaps take the family for a picnic in the park, or collecting shells at the beach and encourage everyone to think about the earth and how magnificent it is.

7. Get Planting

Today’s the day to take the plunge and create a veggie patch. You’ll not only be eliminating the carbon emissions that are involved in getting produce to plate, you’ll also be able to enjoy fresh, organic produce whilst saving some money. If you find the idea of a veggie patch daunting or if you have limited outdoor space, you could start by planting some fresh herbs or a couple of lettuces in a bucket — or for a rustic look, an old wine barrel.

8. Use Earth-Friendly Cleaning Products

It’s easy to just keep using chemical laden cleaning products without giving it a thought, so try being really conscious about what you are using to clean with. Having to wear gloves and being advised to not breathe in the fumes should be a sign that what you’re using is not a healthy option.

We all want our homes to be clean and germ-free, but we don’t need to rely on chemicals to achieve that. There are many cost-effective, green-friendly options to choose from and today’s the day to give them a go. If you are really resistant to spending extra money on cleaning products, then why not do some research into cleaning with fresh lemon juice or vinegar water.

9. BYO Grocery Bags

Making the effort to put reusable shopping bags in your car (or in your bag if you’re observing point #1) could start a new habit that would reduce the use of plastic bags. I’m sure I don’t need to mention how horrid they are for the environment.

There are so many nifty reusable bags that fold up to a teeny tiny size, making earth-friendly shopping easy and convenient. If you don’t want to spend money on reusable bags, take an extra backpack or duffel bag and leave those plastic bags behind.

10. Be A Vegetarian For A Day

Some of us love meat, some of us detest it, and some of us just go along with the flow of what appears on the plate. Today why not make a conscious choice to say no to meat and try some of the mouth-watering vegetarian options out there.

The excessive demand for meat creates an excessive strain on environmental resources, and the more we ask for, the more our planet suffers. A quick search online will give you tons of easy and delicious vegetarian recipes, so for one day why not give it a go! And if you really can’t go without meat for a whole day, at least commit to having one of your meals today be a vegetarian meal.

Thank you to Anna Coventry for her knowledge on Earth day.

Reminders to help you make this world a better place

It is a travesty what we do to our cities, states, or countries everyday. If not for others, than maybe we can do it for ourselves. We must be mindful of our environment, our fellow brothers and sisters. This is certainly something we can feel good about doing, and it doesn’t even take much effort.

We are to think more highly of others than we do ourselves according to the word of God.
This is my sincere thoughts on this matter, if we would consider othemselves as we do ourselves, the world be better. Earth day should be every day in your hearts and minds.

Share your thoughts and ideas on how we can celebrate and honor Earth Day