Cancer Causing Foods

Cancer-Causing Foods You Might Have In Your Diet

Sometimes we attract problems to ourselves by the choices we make daily; everything we do has a way of affecting the future. Likewise, the food we eat can either enhance our health or destroy it. We see and hear different cases of cancers, and we are more likely to reject it through wishful thinking or prayers. The truth is, we cannot just sit back and watch this disease rip us apart, we need to DO something about; one of the positive steps to take to prevent cancer is to watch what we eat. Below are some of the foods that cause cancer:

Fried, Burnt and Overly Cooked Foods

According to Britain’s Food Standards Agency, fried, burnt and overcooked foods especially crackers, potatoes, cakes, and bread contains a toxin called acrylamide, which is also found in cigarette smoke and used in industrial processes such as making plastics and dyes. Acrylamide is a probable human carcinogen according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC); it is based on the data indicating that it can increase the risk of some types of cancer in lab animals.

Besides, acrylamide is primarily found in highly-cooked plant foods such as potatoes and grain products like potato chips, French fries and coffee. The chemical reaction occurs when some starchy foods are cooked above 250° F. It triggers sugars and amino acid asparagines to create acrylamide.
Now, you can imagine the toxins we eat on a daily basis. I am not saying you should totally stop eating starchy foods, but mind the way you prepare them. Ensure they are cooked with the right temperature. However, dairy, meat, and fish products cannot form acrylamide at lower levels.

Added Sugar
Sugar, sugar, and sugar! This seems to be the answer to every meal, especially in the United States. Apart from contributing to an expanding waistline and calorie intake, sugar has been associated with increased cancer risk. Added sugar like fructose corn syrup can increase the risk of esophageal cancer, colon cancer, small intestine cancer and breast cancer. Moreover, many studies have found that sugar adds to the problems of diabetes, obesity as well as increased growth tumors and metastasis. Also, added sugar can also increase the risk of having cardiovascular disease.

Processed Meats
Processed meats are treated, altered or kept to improve the taste and prolong freshness. Examples of processed meats include bacon, ham, hot dogs, sausage, and some deli meats/cold-cuts.

Good quality meat and dairy products can enhance your health, but processed meat on the other trigger the cancer cells in the system, the American Cancer Society notified us that processed meat as part of a carcinogen or something that may cause cancer. Several pieces of evidence show 50 grams of processed meat increases the dangers of having cancer by 18%.

The Cancer Research published a study in 2016; they discovered a connection between common food additives and colon cancer. Also, the Biomedical Sciences Researchers at Georgia State University found that mice that ingest the dietary emulsifiers called polysorbate-8 and carboxymethylcellulose experienced aggravated tumor development and increased, low-grade inflammation and colon carcinogenesis. Culled from Dietary emulsifier-induced low-grade inflammation promotes colon carcinogenesis by Emilie Viennois et al

The emulsifiers act as detergent-like ingredients in the gut, drastically changing the species composition of the gut microbiome. Changes in the microbiome can interfere with the functions of the immune system, promote inflammation and increase harmful gene expressions. In other words, changes in species can make bacteria express more flagellins and lipopolysaccharides.

Guess what types of processed foods and products you can find these emulsifiers; if you guessed laxatives, water-based paints, mouthwash, creamy beauty products, toothpaste, diet pills, vaccines, and dairy products such as ice cream, you are right.

Rice products
Do you know that most Americans get arsenic from foods in their diet than the water they drink even though drinking water that is contaminated with arsenic increases the risk of having lung, bladder, and skin cancer? Arsenic in food especially rice has the same adverse effect like the arsenic found in water.

Furthermore, babies face the highest risk of ingesting arsenic- an investigation made in 2012 by the Consumer Reports found arsenic in every brand of infant rice cereals it tested, which means nearly ten times the legal limit for drinking water. In addition, just one serving of infant rice cereal can put children over the weekly maximum advised by Consumer Reports. Arsenic is not good for us, whether old or young, but babies are more exposed to this poison than the rest of us

The World Health Organization and the Environmental Working Group now recommend limiting consumption of rice and rice-based foods including rice flour when possible and eat a diverse diet of healthy lower-arsenic grains and sweeteners instead, due to the heavy metals like lead, cadmium and arsenic that are naturally present in soil and water.

Encourage Yourself

In conclusion, the food you eat is as important as the medication you take; you need to practice healthy lifestyle; pay attention to the things you put in your mouth, because you may end up buying poison with your money. Also, make it a habit to teach those around you especially the young ones. Let them know the importance of eating right and healthy- it will save you and your family several trips to the hospital