Delicious Smoothies

Mango based smoothies

Making the most delicious smoothies with fresh Mangos, and other beautiful fresh fruits and vegetables. I love using bananas, kiwi, raspberries, peaches, strawberries, as well as spinach, kale and Greek yogurt. To loosen your smoothies and help it blend easily, try using a little organic Soy milk.

You will absolutely find this smoothie lip smacking good! But in the making of your smoothie, don’t do what I did. I accidentally put the entire mango seed in the blender. So after blending, I tasted the smoothie, and boy was it good. But I realized there were these hard bits of white things in the drink. At first, I could not figure it out, but it dawned on me, I didn’t separate the mango itself from the seed.

Can you imagine? My best smoothie yet. So because I’m so brilliant, I thought let me strain it, or give it to Mikey, he eats everything. (My husband Paul) he would literally have a fit, if I throw it out.

Banana Kiwi Mango Green Smoothie

Sometimes, when the weather is hot and blustery, and the glitter and excitement of the summer is over, I need something tropical and bright. I need something to quench my thirst, brighten my taste buds, and a temporary break from the warm weather that is out there.

Try this Mango,strawberry, raspberries, kiwi, banana green smoothie. The perfect balance of sweet, summery, and healthy. Don’t over do it with the spinach or kale, because it will monopolize the fruit.

Banana Kiwi Mango Green Smoothie

I tend to add more fruit  and I use vanilla almond soy milk to give it a bit of sweetness, but not too much, the bananas and Mangos are great sweeteners. You could of course use cow milk, if that’s what you have in the house. Also, I heartily recommend that you freeze your all of your fruit, it makes it cold, and thick and luscious. Of course you can use fresh fruit, but there’s something lovely about using frozen ones. You won’t have to use ice and they make the smoothie so wonderfully creamy. The yogurt and milk helps to make the smoothie creamy.

Finally, as you can see, this smoothie will vary in color, depending on how much fruit you use. Karen said it looked scary, and I get it. I mean spinach and kale in a smoothie? I know, it’s not for the weak at heart. But, adding spinach and kale is great because it makes your smoothie thick, you get all the healthy nutrients, and you can’t taste its flavor. This smoothie tastes like fruit I promise. It’s really very delightful and helps get rid of those Winter blues, plus with the veggies in it, it will help with your bowel movements. I’m just saying!

Prep time 5 mins Cook time 3 mins Total time 8 mins Serves: 1-2 Ingredients

  • 1 banana, preferrably frozen
  • 2 kiwis
  • ½ cup cubed mangos (I used frozen, you could use fresh)
  • ½ cup almond soymilk
  • ¾ cup spinach loosely packed
  • 1 cup strawberries


  1. Peel and slice your kiwis
  2. Take your frozen fruit out of the freezer. Or if you’re using fresh, peel them and chop them so your blender can efficiently blend them.
  3. Put all ingredients in your blender and blend until smooth.
  4. Taste. If needed, add more fruit, milk, or spinach, to your taste and blend again.
  5. Serve

(Note that you can add as many fruits and vegetables you desire, which will vary in taste and color) I found this recipe and altered some of the ingredients.