Deep Tissue Massage

Benefits of a Deep Tissue Massage

Many people believe that deep tissue massage has to be painful so as to be beneficial. As the saying goes, “No pain, no gain” does not always apply to massage. In fact, many people fall into a state of deeper relaxation when they get deep tissue massage.

So what is deep tissue massage? As its name suggests, this massage technique is a concentrated kind of massage which goes deeper into the muscles and the tissues. Deep tissue massage involves the manipulation of the deeper layers of muscle and soft tissues of the body. It is done with deep finger pressure. It is characterized by long, slow and harder strokes of the massages. It goes deeper into the muscles and aims to align them with this technique. It is described to be stronger and harder than the usual Swedish massage. It is also more concentrated in the tensed portions and areas of the body, opting for relaxation and realignment.
We know that deep tissue massage is considered a wonderful way of relaxing and alleviating any tension you have, but did you know that deep tissue massage can guide your spiritual growth?

3having the power to improve physical ailments, as well as translate into well-being in our spiritual aspect of life. Deep tissue massage is more of a state of supreme accomplishment granted to only the most deserving; rather than a metaphysical connection between spirits where an optimistic healing energy has positively impacted the life and soul of another human being.

It is true that the successful healing of deep tissue massage can only be accomplished by someone who is spiritually unblocked. There are a number of altruistic and medical healers alike who have taken up the practice of deep tissue massage.

So how can deep tissue massage help you? Because it focuses on your internal energy, deep tissue massage is stated to heal you from the inside. During a deep tissue massage, the therapist’s hands may contact your skin; but the healing energy itself is coming from a deeper source. The power from their internal light of serenity is flowing through their hands into your body. You, in a meditated and relaxed state, receive the energy that resonates through your body, awakening your life force.

Some of the Benefits of the Deep Tissue Massage

Eliminate Chronic Pain

Deep tissue massage has proven more beneficial in relieving individuals from pain as compared to the traditional remedies. It is considered as one of the best conventional medical solutions which is affordable and effective at the same time. This technique aims to focus on improving the blood circulation in all the body parts. Reduction in inflammation is another benefit of this massage therapy. People often experience alleviated muscle tension which is great to cure them out of the chronic pain.

Increase Blood Circulation
Deep tissue massage eases the stress and anxiety symptoms and thus, leaving the positive effect on the blood circulation. It promotes the production of serotonin hormone in the brain which enhances the feeling of well-being in the individuals.

Erases The Scars

This massage technique has the potential to erase scars on the body if undertaken periodically. Scars, basically, reflect the existing pain and stiffness and these symptoms can be hassle-free removed by deep tissue massage. It is also recommended to the people who have just undergone surgeries. This healing technique works the way up to improve lymphatic solutions.

The energy targeted by the massage is believed to be the same energy that is ultimately responsible for your physical ailment for which you are seeking relief. Perhaps there is more of a power of suggestion between individuals with hope who believe that we can touch each others’ souls if we stay spiritually unblocked.


Deep tissue massage is a practice that includes several disciplines and various modalities for massage to achieve physical, mental and spiritual healing. It is a natural, safe, wholesome and healthy practice that can help improve mental and physical conditions. This highly effective treatment adjusts to the individual and includes a combination of physical, spiritual and emotional elements to promote healing. If you have a problem with a condition, consider taking a journey through some deep tissue massage sessions. Recover your health and natural enthusiasm and learn to enjoy life with this highly-known treatment.

My personal experience

One day my friend Linda said let’s get a massage, against my will, I went. Let me tell you I was only sceptical because I don’t like having to be undressed in any way in front of others. It turned out that I only had to do what I was comfortable with, great I said. By the time she was done, I felt better about my situation, my life struggles, I cried during this massage, it was like a cleansing for me. Boy was I grateful.