Up Close & Personal

Please allow me to introduce myself. I am a native of Arizona, parents are deceased and I have 11 siblings of which 2 brothers are deceased. I have been married for 29 years and we are blessed with a daughter Courtney; and 3 handsome fun loving grandsons.

Since being married to Paul, I have been able to share all my concerns, desires and future ventures. This marriage has allowed us both to be ourselves even if it is wild, fun or sad. He has given me the world, entertained my intellect. After God, I owe this man my all.

I graduated in 1985 from Pima Medical Institute as a Medical Secretary. After my daughter graduated high school, I decided to go back to school for Criminal Justice. I felt my life was slipping away, and I hadn’t done anything significant with my self. I was just living life through the life of others. Now I can truly say between my blog and my traveling, life is more enjoyable now and I am loving this life Paul has afforded me. I have traveled many places, and to see the wonders of this world are absolutely magnificent. To God be the Glory!

It is my heart’s prayer to enlighten you, encourage you, and to engage you in bible and health related topics. It is my belief that the spirit and body goes hand in hand.
Anita C. Phifer-Rowe & Courtney A. Rowe